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Our users are a critical part of our community. Every time they upload their videos, our crackerjack editors comb through them, looking for the best videos to promote to our home and channel pages. But just because a video doesnt make it to the homepage, that doesnt mean it isnt amazing. Check out these most recent user uploaded videos, and find some hidden gems.

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TALK2YA Play Video

TALK2YA 2 days ago


Otter Squeak Play Video

Otter Squeak 2 days ago

Cute otters in their natural habitat make a whining or a squeaking noise.

My Immature Girlfriend Play Video

My Immature Girlfriend 2 days ago

Guys girlfriend laughs every time the train automatically says "cock" as a ...

Llama Attack! Play Video

Llama Attack! 2 days ago

Little boy feeds llama from inside of car and gets smothered by the animal.