Woman Wins Lawsuit Against Police But Here’s Why It Ended Up Being Too Late

An elderly woman successfully sued the city of Modesto, California after a police officer bulldozed into her home and pushed her to the ground, but there’s just one problem: she died only a week after her case was settled.

Sixty-nine-year-old Patricia Murgrauer was renting a room to a man and his girlfriend, but when the couple broke up, the man asked Murgrauer to keep the girlfriend from entering the room until he could be there to sort out who would take which possessions.

The girlfriend wound up calling police, resulting in Officers John C. Lee and Randy Raduechel arriving at her house. Bodycam footage shows Lee arguing with Murgrauer for several minutes before both Murgrauer’s adult son and Raduechel intervene.

That’s when things get heated: Lee moves to enter Murgrauer’s home, but she gets in his way and attempts to shut the door – but Lee simply pushes the frail woman to the ground.

“Alright, there’s a lawsuit!” Murgrauer says just after she hits the ground. Sure enough, she was awarded $750,000 to cover medical expenses – an award that came at a time when she was barely able to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, Murgrauer was never able to spend it. She passed away from complications from the flu just a week after the settlement. Now, an attorney for Murgrauer is insisting that Modesto pay the $750,000 to the estate of the deceased.