Woman Sprints After Man Who Brazenly Ripped Wallet Away From Her

Footage out of Atlanta shows the moment when a thief pulled open a woman’s door and attempted to steal her purse, only to spot her wallet and take off with his misbegotten goods.

Surveillance footage obtained from outside a gas station shows a robber wearing a hoodie and dark clothing as he appears to wait for someone in the store. Suddenly, he bum-rushes a woman in a parked car and forces her door open.

After a protracted struggle, the man wrests the woman’s wallet away from her and runs off into the night. The female victim can be seen running toward the direction from which the robber fled, possibly in the hopes of chasing down her stolen goods.

According to the 55-year-old victim, she had stopped for coffee with her son when the culprit attacked. She fought with the robber “for as long as I could wrestle with him” before he made off with her belongings.

She insists that the incident has left her with nightmares and has stressed that she would have offered help to the man if he were in need.

Now, the victim is warning other women to keep their car doors locked at all times and to not trust any strangers who seem as if they are trying to provide help.