Blonde Woman Takes Off Running After Being Busted For Shoplifting At Walmart

Police in Missouri are on the lookout for a Walmart shopper turned wannabe thief who was caught on surveillance footage as she attempted to leave the store with a cart full of goods.

The brief clip shows a blonde woman who appears to be in her thirties pushing a packed shopping cart before she is stopped by a plainclothes loss prevention officer. As a greeter rushes up to assist, the woman hesitates for a moment before dashing out of frame.

She managed to get to her car and drive away before authorities could arrive to the scene, and no word has surfaced as to whether her license plate number was obtained. Authorities have encouraged any locals with tips as to her whereabouts to phone them in.

Although the blonde bandit didn’t get very far before her plan was foiled, you have to appreciate the guts it takes to go up against that intimidating Walmart greeter. Granny looked ready to throw down.