Police Search For Woman Who Nearly Ran Over Family In Walmart Parking Lot

It’s undoubtedly frustrating when you go to return an item and the store doesn’t accept it for whatever reason. But when this young woman was unable to return some batteries at her local Walmart, she ended up going on such a chaotic rampage that multiple people were injured.

Footage out of Union City, California, shows the moment when the female suspect returned to her car after attempting to return a purchase but getting rejected by the customer service department.

The enraged woman appeared to wait until a family walked behind her car before suddenly backing up, slamming into numerous pedestrians. A mother with her three-year-old child barely managed to dive out of the way to avoid getting crushed.

She then sped out of the parking lot, forcing other pedestrians to take evasive maneuvers to avoid getting run down. Now, police are hoping that the surveillance footage of the car attacker and her silver Honda Accord will allow the public to help them track her down.

The mother and her young child suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.