Police Searching For Woman Who Got Caught Stealing An Amazon Package

Is there anything more frustrating than package thieves? Police in the Bay Area have released surveillance footage of a woman who stooped so low as to rob an Amazon shipment from an unsuspecting homeowner’s front porch.

According to investigators, the incident took place at around 5:00 pm on April 1 (Happy April Fools’ Day!) and saw a casually-dressed woman stroll up the victim’s front steps as her accomplice parked the getaway vehicle across the street.

Looking like she’s definitely done this before, the woman snatches the Amazon box and makes her way across the street. She then places the package safely in the backseat of the Ford SUV, hops in the car, and makes a smooth escape.

Police also noted that the same surveillance camera captured the getaway car cruising the neighborhood earlier in the day, likely when the culprits spotted their prize. Anyone who recognizes the woman or the car is encouraged to phone in a tip and get these dirty package thieves off the streets.