Woman Arrested For Traffic Ticket Forced To Give Birth On Dirty Jail Floor

Life can only get better for one Detroit newborn whose mother was forced to give birth on the floor of a jail cell after the guards accused her of simply faking her symptoms to get out of confinement.

Jessica Preston, 27, gave birth to son Elijah last year on a dirty mattress pad at the Macomb County Jail, where she was placed behind bars for failing to pay a $10,000 bond related to a first-time driving offense.

She instead chose to spend five days in jail, but on the fifth day, she realized she was going into labor. Preston immediately went to tell the medical staff that she had started having labor pains and begged to go to the hospital, but they thought she was bluffing.

A very pregnant Preston tried twice more to convince them that she was telling the truth, but it wasn’t until she was pushing out Elijah that they finally believed her.

According to Preston, the prison medical staff was completely underqualified to deliver a baby; one of them allegedly began crying and gushed to the new mother how she had never seen a real-life childbirth before.

Now, the jailhouse momma is considering taking legal action against the Macomb County Jail for their treatment of her.