Woman Fights Back Against Carjacker, Douses Thug With Gasoline

Police in Tewksbury, Massachusetts have identified the man who was caught on surveillance camera when he stole a woman’s SUV as she filled up her tank, only to wind up getting doused with a blast of gasoline.

William Tighe is officially a fugitive after the brazen carjacking, which shocked many residents of the small town. The incident took place on Saturday, when the 32-year-old hopped into the driver’s seat of the victim’s 2007 Mazda CX-9.

She quickly forced the door open and sprayed gasoline all over Tighe, but the flammable bandit managed to drive away, briefly dragging the woman before dropping her to the pavement.

Police were able to track down the vehicle in less than two hours thanks to Lojack. They followed Tighe for a while before he jumped out of the car and sprinted away, and despite the best efforts of police, they were unable to find him after searching for several hours.

Now, an arrest warrant has been issued for Tighe, who ran afoul of the law back in 2014 when he led police on a high-speed pursuit between Burlington and Bedford. He faced a slew of charges in relation to that incident, but it is unclear whether the case was ever adjudicated.