Busted! Woman Caught On Camera Sneakily Taking Photos Of Rex Tillerson’s Notes

An unidentified woman, presumably a wannabe sneaky reporter, has now become an object of widespread ridicule after she was caught on camera trying to stealthily take pictures of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s private notes during his confirmation hearing.

The controversial incident took place during a break in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee proceedings, which saw Tillerson and the other people sitting nearby leave their chairs.

The woman – who was initially wrongly identified as Washington Post homepage editor Doris Truong – obviously did not realize that the cameras facing Tillerson would still be running during the recess.

She blatantly pulled out her phone and began snapping pictures of the documents that Tillerson left on his desk, moments after she appeared to have a friendly back-and-forth with several of the people seated near Tillerson.

Speculation continues to mount as to the identity of the pic-snapping bandit, with some online commenters accusing the media of colluding in order to keep her name private.