Hell-Bound Woman Caught Stealing Cash From Church’s Donation Box

That’s one way to make absolutely sure you don’t get into Heaven. A heathen woman waltzed into a Catholic church and pocketed the cash that had been offered by worshipers as a donation. Unfortunately, the eyes of God – or at least a surveillance camera – watched the entire heist as it unfolded.

The sinful incident took place in New York City, where the woman entered St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church in the Bronx while trying to look like a penitent believer. Instead, she quickly sniffed out the locked donation box and pried it open, swiping all the cash inside.

The woman carefully scans the area to make sure nobody is watching as she steals the money, but she does not seem to be fazed by the multitude of religious icons surrounding her, including statues of the Virgin Mary, devotional candles, and a framed picture of Mother Teresa.

Police have turned the video over the public in the hopes that the woman’s tainted soul can yet be redeemed.