Busted! Woman Caught Putting Her Own Hair In Food And Then Demanding Refund

An Australian woman who tried to nab a free meal by accusing the restaurant of getting hair in her food has been exposed as a phony thanks to a conveniently placed security camera.

Surveillance footage shows the woman reaching to the back of her head and plucking out several hairs as part of the scam. She then places the hairs on her half-eaten plate before calling the waiter over and demanding a free meal.

According to restaurant co-owner Sarah Biuso, the troublemaking woman was hellbent on causing chaos from the very beginning.

“We had two people book a table for dinner, with the woman booking saying she was bringing the Duchess of Netherlands as her guest,” she said. “My son who works in the restaurant took the booking, and it was quite bizarre, but he listened and took down what they said.”

When the imperious woman arrived and was seated on the patio, she demanded to sit inside instead – and proceeded to order an off-menu, gluten-free, vegetarian concoction that combined two dishes even though the diner only wanted to pay for one.

The hair incident was the final straw: “The pair threatened to post a bad review if the meal wasn’t taken off the bill. She was really rude while dealing with my son, but she was adamant and said, ‘If you don’t take this off the bill we will destroy your restaurant,’” Biuso recalled.

Sure enough, she left an abysmal review on TripAdvisor.com that was only removed after Biuso provided the website with evidence of the woman’s fraudulent antics.