Woah! Spectacular Meteor Caught On Dashcam

Super Bowl Sunday was a definitely a huge spectacle, but for an enormous amount of observers throughout the Midwestern United States, the real show came in the middle of the night, when a mysterious meteor lit up the skies everywhere from upstate New York to southern Kentucky.

Shocking footage from the heart of the country shows the bright celestial object streaking through the sky, prompting hundreds of people throughout nearly a dozen states to call in reports of a particularly luminescent sight that has baffled even the American Meteor Society (AMS).

No word has surfaced as to what caused the plume of light to rocket through the night sky, but the AMS believes that the bizarre fireball was a chunk of rock that eventually landed at a “geometric impact point” on the north side of Lake Michigan.

The footage above comes from a police dashcam in Lisle, Illinois.