Winter Rap

Posted by PeterCoffin on Dec. 15, 2008

This is the end-all, be-all of seasonal-based rap songs. Lyrics: Fall's over - and it's gettin' real cold Time for people to leave for Florida that are old Time for Grandma not to drive at night cause she dread Time to go down a skateboard ramp on a sled I got a big coat and I'm wearin 3 layers these gloves were real cheap so I don't care that they look gayer Than hell - I hear bells - is that santa and his sleigh? Or is it a volunteer who wants to take your pay? And give it to people less fortunate than you How dare he, the commie, that's red but not white & blue Winter ain't about that, so warm up your car Fill it up with cheap recession gas while you freeze your nards Off, cause the temperature is very, very low Then get in, start it up, and let the heater blow yeah the nipples are really pointy on your girl's boobs but she's really turned off by your booger ice cubes ------------chorus-------- Get winterized - plow through the ice Get winterized - low speeds suffice Get winterized - snow blowin ...

Categories Pop Culture

Tags skateboard, short, humor, gangsta, satire, digital

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