Winnebago Man Jack Rebney

Posted by Gruts on Apr. 12, 2007

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Winnebago Man, otherwise known as Jack Rebney, is that crazy RV salesman that swears like a sailor! This is a laugh out loud funny video compilation of angry Winnebago man taking his frustrations out via his dirty mouth. Hes worse than Tourettes guy! Our foul mouthed rv salesman seems to have some job dissatisfaction. And he really hates flies! After watching this, you gotta wonder if they are ever able to capture any video they can actually use on public television. He kinda reminds me of my dad when I was a kid. You know the type, deep down youre really scared of him but you cant help but laugh at the things he says.Winnebago Man is the legendary cursing RV salesman from the 80's that has sparked a viral video sensation. A filmmaker recently tracked down Jack Rebney, the Winnebago legend. Turns out he is very much alive and living in seclusion, seemingly unaware of his popularity. The filmmaker has made a documentary based on Rebney and his popularity. It has been released on DVD in November 2010.

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