Wii Sex Toy

Posted by hankpink on Jan. 07, 2007

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This is not the sex video you were expecting. Sex combined with a Wii? It was only a matter of time before someone thought that up. Girlfriends everywhere are feeling neglected at the loss of their sex lives because their boyfriends are spending so much time playing the Wii. The hot chick in this video comes up with a cunning plan: Get the Wii involved. Sex has never been better than with a Wii on "Rumble" mode, but after that things turn a little dirty.Hot sex and video games? Yes, please! I can't believe no one has thought of a Wii sex toy before this. So this guy is sitting there playing Wii Tennis on the couch and completely ignoring his sexy chick as she gets more and more horny. Finally the idea hits her: Get the Wii involved for the strangest threesome ever. She switches the controller to, ahem, vibrating mode and let's the guy literally play her. I just hope they don't decide to play Rock Band.

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