This Is Why It’s A Dumb Idea To Try To Pass A Snowplow

It’s Winter Driving 101 – stay away from snowplows, give them room to work, and definitely DON’T try to pass them. If you’re not convinced, just watch this Utah driver nearly become a statistic after he tries to cut in front of a snowplow.

Dashcam footage from the snowplow, which was published by the Utah Department of Transportation as part of its #DontCrowdthePlow awareness campaign, shows a snow-clearing vehicle routinely going about its job.

Suddenly, a driver in a white sedan can be seen cutting through the shoulder lane in an ill-advised attempt to get around the snowplow, only to swerve so drastically that it nearly hits a pickup truck and ends up briefly facing the wrong way.

Miraculously, the driver manages to regain control of his vehicle before speeding off, seemingly oblivious to how close he came to getting plastered all over a Utah highway.

Shaving an extra five seconds off your commute is not worth rolling the life-or-death dice. Don’t crowd the plow is more than just a corny hashtag.