Who Killed Seth Rich? News Segment On DNC Staffer’s Death

A Fox affiliate in Washington D.C. has stirred the conspiracy theory pot after it ran a segment claiming that deceased Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was actually assassinated for his role in the Wikileaks scandal that plagued the party.

While police have claimed that Rich’s murder was merely an attempted robbery gone wrong, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman told Fox that Rich was actually killed by Russians after he discovered that they had gained access to the DNC’s internal data.

Burkman’s claims introduce a new dimension to the frothing conspiracy theories surrounding Rich’s death, many of which have contended that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment were the ones behind his murder because he was the one who transmitted the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Theorists note that the official “botched robbery” explanation does not hold water since the so-called robbers did not actually steal anything from Rich. They have also decried this latest attempt to blame his death on the Russians as a distraction tactic.

Burkman is offering up to $100,000 to anyone who can help shed light on the true cause of Rich’s death. Until then, the DNC staffer’s demise will remain shrouded in conspiracy-tinged mystery.