Who Is Long Islands Craigslist Killer

This is a transcript of Who is Long Islands Craigslist Killer on Newsfeed…Long Island’s “Craigslist Killer” is in the news after police recently found an 8th body they say may be attributed to his handiwork. There is a lot of speculation of who this killer might be… has anybody gone ahead and just asked Craig? I mean it’s his list; maybe he has an idea. Some people think it could be an ex-law enforcement officer, and I have a feeling those people are also really excited for Season 6 of Dexter to come out. I have done a little in depth investigation of my own, and here is my leading suspect… The entire cast of the Jersey Shore. Granted I have no proof of this, but I just think if someone has to go away forever because of something please lord let it be them, we could make this world a better place.