When Youre Really Wrong by Allan Yang Acoustic Guitar Solo Larr

Thanks everyone who likes this and critics alike as long as their respectable about it = P. Im sorry I sang this when I had the stomach flu, so please be kind. I hope this song helps people understand how hard it is to have a person in your life who is addicted to something so much that theyd do anything to get what they need whether it be alcohol, hard drugs, prescriptions, etc. So tell me what you think about it and tell me about someone that you know, but please dont say their name and just talk about what they did to you or whomever you so choose to talk about.Thanks,Allan YangLYRICS:You thought you had it alltill I came aroundOnce or twice wasnt goodand never enoughFor you, For you, For you, Its all for youCause now is not the timeto fight for what you think is rightFor you, For you, For you and you aloneYou gotta think for everyoneTo get anywhereYou just got to show them you careand let go of your mindand all your prideAnd just admit when youre wrongWhen youre really wrong