What circuses do not want you to know

Never attend animal circuses or you will support animal cruelty. As long as people are willing to give their money to circuses, the cruelty will continue. This video shows basic elephant training in circuses. There isn’t any animal circuses that doesn’t abuse their animals. Animals in circuses don’t perform because they want to; they perform because they’re afraid not to. Bullhooks, whips and other cruel devices are used to force animals to perform unnatural and difficult “tricks”. Baby elephants are prematurely torn from their mothers, tied down, and beaten. Several baby elephants have died. Elephants spend most of their lives in chains. They are often forced to sleep standing up in cramped, filthy trucks, must perform while ill, and are under constant threat of punishment with bullhooks, which are jabbed into the sensitive skin behind their ears, under their chins, and around their legs. When the animals aren’t performing, they are kept chained or in cages. Animals spend over 10 month