Do You Think Cops Were Justified In Shooting Man Who Put Truck In Reverse?

Bodycam footage out of Oklahoma City shows the harrowing moment when officers opened fire at a high-speed chase suspect after he threw his car into reverse.

The incident began on March 4 at around 6:45 in the morning when an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper attempted to pull over 38-year-old George Seeton, a convicted felon, because his vehicle had a defective tail light.

Seeton stopped his vehicle, but when the trooper approached, he quickly drove away and led officers on a chase that exceeded 100 mph. Authorities claimed that Seeton caused widespread property damage as he attempted to flee, cutting through yards and hitting several objects, and noted that he nearly collided with innocent drivers several times.

The chase came to an end when Seeton crashed his truck. In the clip, an Oklahoma City police officer arrives on the scene only to begin shooting moments later.

Now, both the policeman and the trooper have been placed on administrative leave until a joint investigation can take place. The Oklahoma County district attorney is also reviewing the video to determine whether the shooting was justified.