Wearable Cat Ears

Posted by Newsfeed on May. 10, 2011

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Wearable Cat Ears on Newsfeed - Wearable cat ears are usually reserved for slutty Halloween costumes, but not anymore! A Japanese company called Neuroware, which doesn’t sound very Japanese, have invented wearable cat-ears that react to our emotions through brainwaves. They’re calling them Necomimi, which is Japanese for (giggle like a little girl)… Japan has been controlling our children with Hello Kitty and now they’re controlling our brains through emotional cat ears and I simply won’t stand for it, I for one… holy cow those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I want them!If there's one thing in fashion that continues to go woefully underrepresented from year to year, it's feminine cat ears. Except in Japan; wearable cat ears are huge in Japan, for obvious cute and weird reasons. That's just how they roll.

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