Tense Scene Where Washington DC Police Pull Confused Man From Burning Car

A Washington D.C. man owes his life to a group of quick-thinking police officers who rescued him from a burning vehicle – even though the supposed victim seemed reluctant to accept help from his guardian angels.

After a collision, which occurred prior to the start of this video, the vehicle caught fire. By the time first responders arrived, plumes of smoke could be seen rising up from the engine compartment.

Bodycam footage shows a police officer arriving to the scene. When he sprints over to the flaming wreckage, the car door is locked and the driver appears to be unresponsive.

After trying several times to coax the driver out of the car, the cop eventually uses his flashlight to bash his way into the vehicle by way of the driver’s side window.

“Can you open the door? Get out! Open the door,” the officer can be heard yelling as sirens blare in the background.

The driver was eventually pulled from the burning car and taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released. While authorities have yet to release details surrounding the crash, the Metropolitan Police Department has praised its officers’ swift response.