Was This A Justifiable Police Shooting In Dearborn? Judge For Yourself.

In the wake of the public’s bitter reaction to the shooting of 31-year-old Janet Wilson at the hands of a Michigan police office, authorities have now released the dash cam footage that helped convince prosecutors that he was acting in self-defense.

Wilson had attempted to flee from Dearborn police after causing a disturbance at a nearby mall. When police finally managed to surround her car, Cpl. James Wade III and another officer moved in to place her under arrest.

Instead, Wilson once again tried to flee – this time, though, Wade was close enough to the moving vehicle that he feared for his life, pulled out his handgun, and fired four shots in quick succession at Wilson’s vehicle.

The dashcam footage shows Wade taking the shots while darting out of the way of the vehicle, which only manages to move a few feet before three of the bullets strike Wilson in the chest. The incapacitated woman’s foot remains on the gas pedal and causes the car to lurch forward up the road before veering into the grassy median.

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, Wade was justified in using lethal force because both the video and witness testimonies indicate that he could have been struck by the vehicle. She also noted that Wilson, who had reportedly been trying to “run down” mall security guards just prior to her death, could have been reasonably deemed a danger to the public by Wade.