I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. The Wahlberg brothers finally opened a burger joint in Massachusets called Wahlburgers. Why didn’t this happen sooner? Their last name is freaking Wahlberg, Wahlburgers should have been opened as soon as The Funky Bunch broke up! That’s just plain common sense. Here’s some more ideas. Jewel needs to open a Jewelry kiosk in malls everywhere. Donald Trump should have a trumpet store and if Lady Gaga doesn’t get her own baby product line at Target soon I will be a monkey’s uncle I swear. Capitalize on those names celebrities it’s just good business sense… just ask Carmen Electra and her lucrative deal with Lectric Shave. I can’t wait to get me a Wahlburger the next time I’m in Hingham, Mass and if you go to Wahlburger’s, “say hi to your mother for me.”