NFL Assistant Coach Had Felony Charges Dropped After This Footage Was Released

Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter faced a slew of felony charges for a scuffle outside of a South Side bar, but he ended up getting away with a slap on the wrist after surveillance footage revealed how minor the fight actually was.

Newly released video of the incident, which took place last month, shows Porter getting into a dispute with a bouncer who would not let him into the bar. The dispute turns physical as the bouncer pushes Porter away from the entrance.

In the ensuing chaos, Porter can be seen reaching out and momentarily grabbing a police officer’s wrists. That was enough to see Porter get slapped with various felony charges, including aggravated assault – charges that were almost all quickly dismissed after the district attorney reviewed the footage.

Porter ended up pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct citation and forced to pay $300, a punishment that is considered to be tantamount to a parking ticket.

Meanwhile, Pittsburg’s law enforcement community has circled the wagons around the officer who brought the outrageous charges against Porter, maintaining that he acted appropriately and that all charges were warranted.