Victoria Gotti

This is a transcript of Victoria Gotti on Newsfeed…A new movie about mob-boss John Gotti, directed by Nick Cassavetes is in the works. It is believed that Cassavetes is directing the movie just to offset the damage he did to the male gender when he directed “The Notebook.” John Travolta has signed on to star as John Gotti in the film, which is great because if anybody knows shadowy organizations that control their members through manipulation and borderline scams, it’s a Scientologist. It’s also rumored that Lindsay Lohan is being sought to play Victoria Gotti in the film. I couldn’t think of a better role for somebody fresh out of rehab to play then the daughter of a mob boss. You guys she wasn’t stealing necklaces… she was researching a character because she’s an artist. Oh, I mean train wreck.