Vanessa Hudgens Video – Kid Discovers Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pics

We may be separated by many years in age but, on the inside, I reacted the same way that this kid did to pics of dear Vanessa in some salacious cell phone pics. Although, just as it has been said by wise sages in every generation dating back to ancient Rome, kids have it way, way too easy these days. Many a man in my generation remember those wonderful halcyon days of the dial-up, the 28K modem that would make those familiar sounds as it came to life and provided you with a portal to all of the illicit nude pics your heart desired. Only problem was that you had to wait up to 30 freaking minutes for a picture to download, one pixelated piece to the next, while kids nowadays hear about that stuff on Twitter and feasting their eyes on nude Disney stars in less than two seconds. Where’s the patience nowadays, the perseverance?!