This Girl Got So Very Pissed After Being Eliminated From A Beauty Pageant

Things got scary very fast at a Colombian beauty pageant when a contestant found out that she would not make it any further in the competition. Vanessa Dominguez could not hide her fury, and the result is the kind of facial expression that is every man’s worst nightmare.

“The last candidate who will advance to the final round is… Miss Antioquia!” the announcer says, instantly transforming the also-ran’s facial expression from a pageant smile to an icy death glare.

As fellow contestant Laura Gonzalez basks in the adoring applause from the crowd, Dominguez can be seen seething with anger, placing her hands on her hips as she looks daggers off into the distance.

The unmistakably sour reaction has become the latest internet meme to sweep Latin America, prompting social media users everywhere to find the perfect comparisons to Dominguez’s glaring expression. Some would say that becoming a meme is even more prestigious than winning a beauty pageant, so at least she has that going for her.