Urban Ninja

Posted by Break.com Staff on Aug. 16, 2005

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Finally something that every town needs, an urban ninja! The brave hero in this video selflessly goes around in a full ninja uniform protecting his neighborhood from evil villains. Actually, he just sneaks up and scares the crap out of harmless civilians but you know that if they’re scared then a bad guy would be too. This video never fails to make me laugh. I would try to dress like an urban ninja myself but unfortunately they don’t make ninja outfits in XXXL and I don’t think I am agile enough to go full stealth. In the meantime, we’ll have to rely on the urban ninja!If you haven't seen the urban ninja at work then you must watch this. He is like a Chris Farley but half as fat and half as funny. He goes through the city and acts as though he is without being noticed but whats really going on is that he is making a big fool of himself. At least he covers up his face to not reveal his identity otherwise random people would be rushing him in the streets asking for autographs on their samurai swords.

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