Unlucky Woman Gets Car Stolen Right From Under Her Nose At Car Wash

A woman who was simply trying to wash her vehicle found herself stranded at the car wash when a thief sprang into action, seizing a very narrow window of opportunity to jump into her car and drive away.

The incident took place in Chicago over the weekend when the woman made her way to a West Town car wash. Surveillance footage from the premises shows the victim, who drives a dark-colored sedan, paying for the wash when the culprit jumps out of another vehicle.

He quickly rounds behind the victim’s car and hops into the driver’s seat. When she realizes what is happening, it’s too late: the culprit and his accomplice swiftly make their way out of the lot as the woman frantically tries to chase them down.

The story ended in a good news/bad news scenario for the woman. Although police confirmed that they were able to track down her car shortly thereafter, she claims it had sustained several thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.