Underage Urban Outfitters Model

The parents of 16 year old model Hailey Clauson have filed a 28 million dollar lawsuit against Urban Outfitters because they’re selling T-shirts that feature a picture of her on them that they say is “X-rated” because apparently… they don’t know what the definition of “X-rated” is.

Urban Outfitters claims that they didn’t know that the model was under aged and regret putting the picture on the shirt at all, more so because she’s making that weird and disturbing face. Seriously, she looks like that chick from the movie “The Orphan

The photographer stated in an interview with ABC News that he didn’t see a problem with the picture because none of her “private parts” are exposed… Now no matter what how you feel about the picture, we can all agree… Saying “private parts” is creepy.