Ultra Kawaii - Springtime Bears!

Posted by ultrakawaii on Mar. 24, 2009

Winter has passed, which means it's time for all the cute bears and their cubs to come out of hibernation and enjoy the weather! Black bears, grizzly bears, and more in this special spring episode of Ultra Kawaii! Thanks so much to the contributors of these videos and photographs: Anitalee, Mark Doescher, Brooke Zumas, Alan Corbett, Stephen Street, JLM Photo, toptoolpro, BigSidFan, Wizard629, Rae@Flickr, Cameron B, Kopache, Patricia Daniel, Rae Davis, Tom Nevesely, Tom Nevesely, qlaserhealinglight, Steve worldromer, Sofia Katariina, US Geological Survey, bear3360, and Media Feliz. For links, check out ULTRAKAWAII.COM

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Tags spring, soft, puppy, grizzly, entertainment, cub

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