Ultra Kawaii - A Video Valentine's Card

Posted by ultrakawaii on Feb. 10, 2009

It's Valentine's Day! A time to shower your loved ones with stuffed animals and sweets. But you can't get something for everyone, so here's a VIDEO VALENTINE'S DAY CARD, to send some sweet cute animals to your friends and loved ones. A grab bag of cute pets new and old, this is sure to be a welcome surprise in anyone's inbox. Thanks to the cute pets features in this Valentines' Day special: Pinta, Ksenya, Chmurka, Szarotka, PomPom, Smokey & Catnip, Journey, Abe and Elsie's Pup, Lucky & Mom, Alzira's Litter, Gidget, Mal, Sebastian, Rufus, Linus, Nellie, Howie, Linus, Puppy, Sophie, Sherbert, Sugar Baby, Gucci Bear's Cats, Kitty, Chrystal & Pups, and Moo. Visit UltraKawaii.com For Links.

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