Zombies, Exposed Brains, Eye Hanging Out

Posted by indymogul on Oct. 05, 2009

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!  Weve shown you how to do Zombies in the past, but this year weve got two zombie effects:  Exposed Brains and Eye Hanging Out.  The New Zombieland Movie has some of these effects, too!  Also, a trailer for tomorrows Indy Mogul Original Short test film:  Zombie vs. Zombie!Previous Zombie Episodes:www.indymogul.com/episode/bfx_20070604www.indymogul.com/episode/BFX_20071022www.indymogul.com/backyardfx/episode/BFX_20081027Mogulween Contest:  http://www.IndyMogul.com/Mogulween

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Tags exposed, contest, eye, zombies, hanging, popping, brains, tutorial, mogulween

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