ZIPPO tricks

Posted by Koti-Prince-803 on Mar. 26, 2013

A collection of my Zippo and Lighter tricks...This video clip was made for the Creator of Lu Chen Group on Facebook. If you have a chance to meet with Lu Chen face to face and your task is to show him one of your magic tricks. Would you go for it or would you chicken out? I will perform infront of Lu Chen if given a chance, but I wouldnt perform any magic tricks. Instead, I would perform my Zippo lighter tricks infront of him. He owns a Zippo, too, however have not seen him done much with it. Guess its not one of his main concerns. So, to perform infront of him, it has to be something different from what he normally does. ????????????,??????????????????,??????,????? ???????????,???????,????????Zippo???????????Zippo,????????????,?????????????,??????????????,???????!

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