Zen Birdwatching In America

Posted by defconprods on Apr. 27, 2010

What’s the meaning of this life and where do we find it? Through practical, everyday observations of life, and deep meditations on the wisdom of the ages, Jay Nuzum explores meaning in his own life after reaching a point where all meaning seemed lost. “It was around the time I lost my job, my father passed away, my grandmother passed, my wife contracted breast cancer at age twenty-seven, and I almost died…” Thus begins the true-life account of personal transformation and a never-ending search for the Eternal in unexpected and unfamiliar places including a UFO encounter in West Virginia, a birdwalk with a crack addict, a vision on a mount, a near-death experience, flying a hundred feet off the ground at a peyote ceremony, meeting the Buddha, and coming face to face with an incarnation of Divine Mother. From the profound to the profane, from the sacred to the absurd to the downright bizarre, Jay Nuzum leads you along the footpath of an Everyman trying to find his way through the beguiling maze of an Ameri

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