ZEITGEIST- Beyond the Pale [Pre-Trailer HD]

Posted by simplyaskme on Oct. 06, 2012

Zeitgeist- Beyond The Pale, as the title suggests,(zeitgeist moving forward) it will move beyond taboo and social inhibition in form. It will hold nothing sacred except the interest to consider that dynamic alignment with nature itself in the hope that our values and practices can be adapted to what actually works, exploring the evolutionary baggage which perpetuates the ongoing patterns of war, imbalance, division, greed, abuse and other characteristics of modern society that many today often just accept as givens for the human condition.http-//www.shortempire.com Zeitgest- Beyond The Pale, la 4ta. edici?n de la Serie de Filmes Zeitgeist, [por ahora a estrenar a fines de 2012 / principios de 2013] continuar? su exploraci?n de la cultura - esta vez desde la perspectiva de lo que comprende a los valores dominantes en la sociedad actual y lo que define su m?rito con respecto a la sostenibilidad social. Zeitgeist- Beyond The Pale [Mas All? de lo Inaceptable], ir? m?s all? de lo tab? y las inhibiciones sociales.

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