Position: Junior Lucky Bastard. Salary: A little bit better than peanuts. JUNIOR LUCKY BASTARD is a job role -- and such a job exists at 55DSL. Really, wouldn’t it be awesome to work in 55DSL’s Kick Ass Department and travel everywhere you desire for free, attend some of the best parties and get down with the coolest crews while broadcasting it all to the whole word! So here it is! The solution to all your woes--The chance to finally do something more noteworthy in your life--The chance of a lifetime! This is not a joke, it’s not a competition and it’s certainly not a gimmick. 55DSL needs people to roam the earth and find all that is good and pure and kick ass. Plus we will be stocking you with all the tees, jackets, sweats, and denim your little hearts desire (or suitcases can fit). And did we mention that you get to do all of this for free! Again: You get to do all this for absolutely free! No hidden charges, no sexual favors and no fine print. So get a reality check, admit your job sucks, and apply tod