YouAreHere Android App

Posted by --221 on Feb. 12, 2012

Download https-// Got smartphone? Still searching? Why? This is demo of free Android App - YouAreHere. YouAreHere is location aware app that currently works in US markets and enables you to find vendors near your location. Unlike most of the local discovery apps you are not bound to a location and radius round you. If you like you can move (pan) the map from San Fran to N.Y. to see whats there in N.Y. YouAreHere is based on references, you just click your way thru, even to search. It starts out with a bright, large colorful display of brand names logos on the map. From there you can look for deals, discover local or categorize things. You can even search in single click. Phone calls and directions/navigation are also one click. How much easier can it get? Or should we say lazy? IT IS FREE & there are absolutely no advertisements! and that is not even the best part. This amazing app was written grounds up with simple philosophy - must be simple to use and conser

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