"YOU'RE JUST TOO GOOD NOT TO STALK" -parody of "Can't Take My Ey

Posted by LooseBruce on Jul. 09, 2008

"YOU'RE JUST TOO GOOD NOT TO STALK" -parody of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"(Franki Valli of the Four Seasons)-by Loose Bruce Kerr, an irregular feature on the Dr. Demento and Jim Bohannon syndicated national radio shows. This one's the flip side of mutual falling in love, a single-minded obsession such as we see take place with Hollywood stars, both female and male. Loose Bruce Kerr records and performs his videos and audio tracks in his garage, singing and playing the instruments one at a time. Bruce took 20 years off from his legal career to write and perform music as Loose Bruce Kerr. After resuming his career in law, Bruce has become Assistant General Counsel of high tech company, Sun Microsystems in Northern California's Silicon Valley. email Bruce at: BKerrLaw@aol.com

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