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Posted by Shaktim on May. 20, 2009

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1814253/an actor preparesT I M M A L O N E Y ... Shaktim ... The Hamlet of YouTubeWhy does this guy continue to upload the same monologue on YouTube? Funny you should ask. I was wondering that myself today. I am completing an obligation, an agreement, sharing 365 TAKES of OnE monologue, or in this case, a soliloquy from Hamlet. WhY? I want to GROW as an actor in front of your eyes. That was NOT my original intention, but funny things happen along the way of a creative endeavor and now I see, in fact, I have truly grown as a film actor during this year/plus adventure. Besides getting to meet Allan Rich and work with him privately, I have had the chance to audition for a Master Class directed by another Fine actor, Jack Stehlin. And now, I am getting to work with Geoffrey Owens as he directs Circus Theatricals production of The Scottish Play, Macbeth. http://www.circustheatricals.com. Its such a small world because in 1991 I said to the universe when I saw Geoffrey in the ope

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