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- In November 2008, as I was looking at the Grotto (community space) of Sports Basement, a light bulb went on. And, I began to ponder over the idea of using Sports Basements community space to serve the yoga community. So to get the ball rolling, I began to teach free yoga classes each Sunday at Sports Basement.A month later, I organized the first yoga teacher schedule, began the internet promotions, and then watched the students arrive. Since that time, the seed has blossomed. And, Sports Basement has applied my initial concept to their other store locations.And now, I would just like to express my thanks & gratitude to all the yoga students who have attended & all the yoga teachers who have supported the idea of free yoga Sundays - making yoga accessible to every individual regardless of financial statusMuch love & thanks,Founder of Sports Basements Free Yoga Program, Yoga teacher, Tony EasonCheck it out:

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