Yara Naoum Egyptian Actress, Model and Interior Designer

www.arts.emutu.com - Yara Naoum is 22 year old so cute Egyptian actress, model and interior designer. Yara Naoum is born and raised in Cairo/Egypt by her mother & grandmother..As Her Parents got divorced when she was a baby..She has originally a mixture of Lebanese & Turkish royal blood roots.. Yara Had this first sight love with every animal she saw since she was a child. That’s why she never lived without a pet,One of her life time dreams is opening a shelter for stray animals. Her Mother Worked as a model for few Years & her Elder brother was into Music & Art . Thus born into a world of creativity, Yara took a very early interest in both music and physical expression,She Started writing articles about things that affected her personal life in school paper when she was just 9 years old . While developing her musical skills,Yara played different instruments without reading musical notes. she was also doing Patinage & gymnastics, by the age of 11, she became on the Team of Maadi Patinage Players embarking on