Xcorps Action Sports TV #41.) HAWAIIMANA seg.3 HD

Posted by TheXcorps on Jan. 11, 2013

Xcorps Action Sports Show #41.)HAWAIIMANA-seg.3 -HD- The Xcorps goes BIG ALOHA with host Jason Lazo back in Hawaii covering a mix of cool action X fitness events sponsored by mega nutrition maker HAWAIIMANA producer of the HawaiiMana Challenge. From the start the show goes BIG with wild shots of tow in surfer Garrett McNamara outrunning locomotive waves at Jaws and Teahoopu Tahiti backed by tunes from MOWER. Hang on! The scenes are mellow here too with sweet Oahu island shots of rainbow framed beaches under the waving coconut palms. So Ono! Jason introduces team HawaiiMana training on the shore and under the water! See their unique method of building strength and lung power using just a big rock! Great UW shots of turtles and fish in their element mixed with irie tunes from reggae Electric Avenue pop master Eddy Grant. After the break Jason goes from SCUBA to outrigger canoe and then on to the North Shore of Oahu to hang at the Hawaiimana beach crib and some surfing by team members Alisha and Davey Boy Gonsa

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