Xcorps Action Sports TV #40.) HELLS CANYON seg.1 HD

Posted by TheXcorps on Jan. 11, 2013

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Xcorps #40.) HELLS CANYON -seg.1 HD- Shot in the wild Hells Canyon area of western Idaho along the Oregon border this rugged scenic and powerful Xcorps episode features on camera host Jason Lazo rocketing up class 4 rapids in a 600 HP custom jet-boat and catching a 9 foot 250 pound monster fish on a river called The Snake! The wild clean outdoors fills the big screen in this show with the Xcams going wide to catch a gorge 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon cut out by one of the longest and remote U.S. rivers all captured on HD tape for the XC viewer! The show opens up with Jason near Whitebird Idaho-pop.150- dropping down to Pittsburg Landing in the Hells Canyon National Recreation area to meet with Eric Pardue from Killgore Adventures who provide jet boat river tours, hunting and fishing on the Snake and Salmon Rivers. This is wild outdoor adventures Xcorps style! Jason takes off up river in a custom all aluminum Idaho made Bentz boat fitted with twin 350 V-8s that can handle the powerful big river whi

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