Xbox 360 Smooth Black Controller LEDS XCM in HD (For Sale+Good D

Posted by xxANOLIFExx on Aug. 04, 2009

Ebay Link- http-// Future Videos Click Here- http-// Hello youtubers today I am showing you a modded xbox 360 controller I made for a customer. This controller includes leds (lights), case swap, smooth feeling, new triggers, new d pad, and new buttons. Common Questions- How much does one cost? They start at $100 and basically the highest bidder wins. You can bid by messaging me on youtube or xbox live. Can i make a request? Yes you can please feel free to send a picture of a controller of which you like, and i will tell you if i can do it or not. How do i pay? you can pay by paypal. Where do you ship? You need to pay for the shipping and i ship all around the world. Tips- If you have the money ready you can just pay au

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