www.bforex.com: Jobless Numbers Expected from the States

Posted by ussjames86 on Jul. 08, 2011

Traders must be braced for a huge one two punch on Thursday and Friday. The ECB holds their monetary policy assembly today and Unemployment quantities are going to be supplied tomorrow. The EUR has traded weaker the past couple of sessions as sentiment has become weary from the constant news concerning the debt crisis. Greece and Portugal will be in the spotlight. Gold has gotten more powerful as risk adverse trading has risen. And global equities have become cautious. Today the ECB monetary policy assembly is expected to incorporate one fourth of a point rate increase. Tomorrow the Non Farm Employment Change data from the States will give added guidance for the health of the American economy and attitude. The power from the mix of the ECB and Unemployment figures will likely be outstanding and produce bursts of volatility and rapid conditions. Traders ought to have ‘set goals’ for each trade and risk management in mind these following two days.

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