WWIII- Two Thingz

Posted by wattwhite on Jun. 07, 2012

Q- How was your skiing trip? Can I get that 20$ this week? A- Skiing was good. Special Appearance by Doug Stoley (c) 2012 by WWIII 30 Seconds To Midnight is WWIIIs long awaited follow-up to 2007s RETARDED. Following in the footsteps of the classic Take Off Your T-Shirt If You Cant Name A Song By The Band Thats On It, the Insane 2-D Metal Master of PPTZ is back. Prepare for an onslaught of evil vocals, sleazy riffs, cheap jokes and cheaper production values as WWIII rolls out the freshly birthed spawn of a twisted metal mind. For the latest WWIII Updates, Downloads and Merch- www.WattWhite.com

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