WTF TV Live 9/20/11

Posted by wtftv on Sep. 22, 2011

After last week's surprising and shocking appearance by the former BG On The Spot host on the live show, Nelson Torres and BG The Broadcaster are reunited together for the first time in over 2 years of not being on the air together. On this particular episode of WTF TV Live, Nelson and BG are taking phones on the air live and first caller was not recognizable at first, but Nelson Realized that it was none other than one of the loyal callers Foot Guy. Tons of topics came out of that conversation, Including why certain people could not be on the show when women with come on the show ? Also, it was mentioned that Negro Smith was suspended by the The Board at MNN Studios for one week for unprofessional conduct on and off the air last week at the studio. So Negro Smith was nowhere to be found or even called in. However, new acquisition for the Negro Army, the WTF World Heavyweight Champion Overdose called in and had some choice words about certain topics going on in WTF. Plus, announcement about our next covera

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